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World-class companies have continued to leverage technology and business best practices to widen the gap between their performance and that of their peers.


Outsourcing redundant, time-consuming and often error-prone processes to a specialized service provider has been the secret weapon, allowing businesses to grow and scale over the years. Outsourcing, when done right, can reduce overhead and provide the ability to better focus on the core business. Our managed Business Process Outsourcing solutions are custom-designed to maximize labor and process efficiencies, stabilize work outcomes and optimize business results.


Contact Center/Sales Lab

Through Contact Acceleration Solutions, a division of DPS, we provide contact center staff, technologies, and sales acceleration through virtual and physical environments. We’ve got the necessary tools, processes, and expertise to help exceed your revenue targets and to help grow your business. Add incremental BD, SDR, or telemarketing staff and resources to your business at a drop of a dime - no stress, no worries.

Driving higher performance, processing results.

More sales, less staff.

Transaction Processing & Business Intelligence

Businesses have to attain a balance between maximizing productivity, reducing risk, and fulfilling customer/client needs. Competitive businesses need to prioritize customer satisfaction and deliver a high standard of customer service - but that can be expensive. Efficient transaction processing is one of the prerequisites for this, however, having the insights to take action are often lost somewhere in the data.


Managing transaction processes - such as order processing, claims processing and legal check processing - entails time-consuming processes, availability of experts and adequate finance, which eats into business efficiency and distracts from core business strategic goals. The daily transaction processes carried out by businesses are also often full of errors, which lead to delays in the fulfillment of customer service leading to aggrieved customers.


Business intelligence and reporting are often much needed to improve processes and drive executive level decisions, yet businesses often lack the appropriate insights. To enhance productivity and focus on business growth and customers, consider leveraging the services of an experienced and competent data management and processing service provider. Doing so helps organizations focus on their core tasks.

DPS is a boutique IT-focused BPO company which has the resources, the expertise, and the process know-how to manage your transaction processing successfully.

Software Development/App Houze

Coming soon!

With the right tools, business can efficiently stay connected its customers, market new products and services, and communicate promotions to drive business and increase profits.

Jump start or accelerate your business with a complete collection of services around online presence with business listings on Google and SEO, SMS marketing and digital advertising solutions, customer database platform, and more all rolled up in a uniquely effective mobile application, customized to your business and needs.

Our App Houze will focus on building simplified yet powerful business applications on mobile, web-based, and windows platforms for your process improvement, customer management, and data aggregation requirements.

Coming soon!


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